Starting a company or adding a product! You will always need a Professional Website.

It is simple & easy, we host & build a website for you. Fill the form below and choose the template

Step 1: Choose Plan

You can choose to pay:

  1. One time  $99 for building your 5 page website
  2. Choose to subscribe to $99/month plan

Step 2: Fill Form Below

As soon as you complete the form below we will review you case and complexity. You will receive a secure link to create account & make future payments.


Step 3: Select/Purchase Template

After you get the secure link, choose a premium or free template.

One time $99 plan will include


  1. One time  $99 for building your 5 page website. One time  $99 plan will include
    1. The cost is for one time development
    2. You will have to maintain the website after development
    3. You will pay for hosting services to hosting service providers like godaddy, google, yahoo etc
$99/month plan will include

Choose to subscribe to $99/month plan. $99/month plan will include

  1. No cost initial cost of design and development
  2. We will pay for hosting services to hosting service providers like godaddy, google, yahoo etc
  3. We will update and maintain your website
  4. You can ask us to change the website layout and content, free technical support. Documentation of changes must be provided and approved by you before changes can be implemented.
  5. Unlimited corporate email addresses
  6. It doesn’t include templates of website- it must be purchased separately by subscriber (costs around $50 to $100).
  7. It doesn’t include complex, dynamic, data driven, web apps; as WordPress or Joomla will be used for development
  8. Your website will look similar or better than the website you are currently on. We will document the project artifacts and deliver the exact product you will need.

Step 2: Fill Form

“Start building my website”

Step 3: Choose Template

Premium templates will cost you $50 to $100, but they are best fitted for business websites. You will pay them to buy template or choose to use free templates if quality & elegance is not of concern for your business.

Service Level Agreement (SLA): Your website will then be ready in a week after approval of your design and payment.

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