After joining our premium bookkeeping service, you get to add a new department to your company. You can add a logo of ProAdvisors as your advisors in your website. Simply forward us your related calls and meeting invites and enjoy our elegant service!

Bookkeeping Package Starting from $99/ month & Payroll Package starts from $50/employee/month

Estimate the cost or Submit your request below for current Offers and Discounts.


Complete Package

  • Payroll – Full Service
  • Financial Reporting – Full Service
  • Taxation – Full Service
  • Bookkeeping – Full Service
  • Company Start-up – Full Service
  • Online Document Management Portal
  • Professional Training
  • iPhone and Android Apps

Accesses for Office staffs

  • iPhone and Android app to update the bills and invoices
  • Online Access to bills/invoices
  • Online immediate (real time) cash forecast reports
  • Online and phone app access to timesheets (for review and approval)
  • Ability to manage permissions
  • Ability to add and remove the staffs or employees
  • Ability to request financial reports

Year end books closing

  • Bank reconciliation
  • QuickBooks clean up
  • Generate final reports
  • Close all current fiscal year books
  • Migrate Ending Balance Equity to next year

Employee Time-sheets

  • Branded with your company Name and Logo
  • Access pay-stubs
  • Enter time
  • Weekly/bi-weekly or monthly options
  • Approve time-sheet
  • Withhold State and Federal Taxes
  • Record transaction in QuickBooks

AR/AP: Account Receivable/Payble

  • Update books with digital bills (data entry)/Invoices
  • Get approval on invoices/Checks
  • Pay bills via Paper Check or Electronic Check via Bank ACH
  • Recieve payment & Sync to books. Send Paper or Electronic Invoices with approval workflow
  • General Entry in QuickBooks

**Add AR/AP Service, other charges apply


CFO- Financial Reports

  • Generate monthly Balance Sheet reports
  • Generate monthly P/L Reports
  • Generate monthly Aging reports
  • Generate monthly payroll reports
  • Generate monthly taxes reports
  • Generate yearly Balance Sheet reports
  • Generate yearly P/L Reports
  • Generate yearly Aging reports
  • Generate yearly payroll reports
  • Generate yearly taxes reports
  • Generate other financial reports as per request (no extra cost)

Payroll- Employer Access

  • Review each employee time-sheet
  • Approve time-sheet before payment is made
  • W2 Employees or 1099 Contactor Option
  • Set permission/rights for other office staffs
  • Request payroll reports
  • View payroll tax reports
  • Phone Apps and online


  • Quarterly Federal and State Payroll Taxation
  • Payroll multiple- state  taxation
  • Corporate, Investment  and Income Taxation
  • 1040 -Schedule C, S-Corp, Franchise Tax etc
  • Tax Returns Secure Storage and 24/7/365 access
  • Tax Estimates etc

CFO- Financial Planning

As additional, support:

  • Chat, Add Department, Add Logo
  • Suggest in company financial planning
  • Lease or Buy decision
  • ROI decisions
  • Quick ratio calculations
  • Investment planning
  • New (or subsidiary) company establishment
  • GAAP compliance, tax compliance and SOX compliance
AND MUCH MORE. Chat or Call us for discounts, estimates & details on each service we offer

Offer Software/IT Bookkeeping + Payroll Package: $99/Month/Employee

We pay for subscriptions for books and payroll, you get  latest online books (Quickbook or Sage or any type you wish), You get payroll for all employees (excludes multi-state employees). We answer all questions of your employees, we generate invoices, track invoices, follow-up with vendors & employees, release salary/wages, verify transactions daily/weekly, upload invoices/bills, reconcile your books every month, submit taxes, and meet every month online to suggest what can be changed to improve. Only thing you will do, is to click approve button in your phone & keep sending us the images/doc for every expense & income transactions. Your books will always be ready with in-transaction trail.

Recommended: Add A/R & A/P Service

A/R & A/P Service to all the businesses who make or receive larger payments

90% of our clients are software & IT consulting companies.

Your cost reduces by 50% for every additional 15 employees. You get at least $99 off every month for referral to other IT companies. We grow with you. If you have one employee then also the service quality will always stay PREMIUM.

Just look at your books  from 2015 and rethink what if you made one mistake in one transaction? Ask us to clean up your mess from 2015, starting $399 for whole year with one bank account. Quality Assurance: Ask us to verify accuracy of your transactions in your book for 2015, starting $199 for whole year with one bank account.

Prov. It is better to try to keep a bad thing from happening than it is to fix the bad thing once it has happened- an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. If we spend more money on quality assurance & daily maintenance, so that your books are rejuvenated every day, we won’t have to spend so much money on any kind of loss including audit loss. Few bucks of expense now will save you a lot in future. Start investing in your future. What is A/R & A/P Service ?

Prevention is better than cure

Stay Safe

It is worth asking, ask for a free month of bookkeeping!

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