Free 8843 Filing for International Students

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If you made no income in 2015 then the submission of 8843 is free for all F1-Students. If you don’t have SSN or ITIN, then you will not need it to file 8843. If you have SSN or ITIN then we will call you to get the number- we don’t ask anyone to submit their protected information online.

Important Item to Note for All International Students: Honey Trap

Have you been trapped by honey pot ?

  • Have you worked in the US?
  • Did you receive a grant?
  • Did you receive an allowance?
  • Did you receive a stipend?

If the answers to above to all questions above are “No” then you do not need to complete form 1040NR. You just need to complete form 8843 to confirm your non-resident status with the IRS. If you have never filed 8843 then you will need to file 8843 for all previous years no matter you made income or not. Tax Return Services will file 8843 for all F1 Students at no cost if answers to above to all questions above are “No”.  Submit form below to start your case. You will receive a filed out form. This form should then be signed by you and mailed to the address provided to you.

If you are non-resident status, (visa) holder then you will need to first determine if your status passes “substantial Presence Test”.

You will pass “substantial Presence Test” if you were in United States for longer than 183 days since you first entered united states. Passing of “substantial Presence Test” means you will be considered resident only for tax purpose, and you will then need to pay taxes as American Citizens do.

  • If you are non-resident status (visa) holder in F1-student or J1-student status then you will not be considered resident status for 5 years even if you pass “substantial Presence Test”, which is a good thing for tax saving. If you stayed in USA for more than 5 calendar years and want to maintain non-resident status for tax purpose then you must provide sufficient facts on an attached statement to establish that you do not intend to reside permanently in the United States.
    • If you are a greedy international student, filed “Hope Credit” or “American Opportunity Tax Credit” in previous years and received refund then you will automatically considered as the resident status for tax purpose. It means you will never receive refund even if you are in OPT or CPT F1-student. If you maintained non-resident status by filing 8843 every year and never filed taxes online then all federal income tax you paid while working in OPT/CPT status will be refunded.

Please noteResidents for tax purposes are NOT required to file IRS Form 8843.Residents for tax purposes doesn’t mean you are resident for immigration purpose.

All students and scholars in F-1/J-1 nonimmigrant status and their F-2/J-2 dependents (physically present in the U.S. during 2015) who are nonresidents for tax purposes MUST file the IRS Form 8843 regardless of whether or not they earned income in the U.S..  Dependents (including children, regardless of age) should complete a separate Form 8843 independent of the F-1/J-1.

If you received taxable income, we encourage you to use the GLACIER software to prepare your federal tax return (available in mid-February).  The software will prepare the IRS Form 8843 for you (and your dependents).  For this reason, you do not need to follow the instruction below.  You will be instructed to submit this form with your federal tax return and should do so no later than April 18, 2016.

If you received NO taxable income, the filing deadline is June 15, 2016.  Please carefully read and follow the directions on IRS Form 8843, and also note the following:

Note: Fill in your name exactly as it appears on your passport. You will not need SSN or  U.S. taxpayer identification number (ITIN) to file 8843. Form 8843 filing maintains your non-resident status and then only you eligible to get benefit & refund in Tax.